Friday, March 27, 2009

Strem of Political Conciousness

Haven't slept yet. Am groggy. So here goes.

As the world's leading political analyst, and in my capacity as a Nobel prize winner, I can safely say that there will be a war of words online about the UMNO elections.

We have seen a few shots fired, but a full salvo is presumably in the works.

Already, pro-Government bloggers are pre-empting the onslaught with saying stuff like, "KJ's not so bad." Blablabla. "Najib will keep him in check." Blablabla.

And then the pro-Perasan Rakyat bloggers are celebrating. Or claiming that they are celebrating.

In my almost three-decade career as an epicunerean or epicuneran. Or ah, fuck. In my almost thirsty years as a devourer of worlds, I say that Immoral Sisters is an incredibly good hentai.

Hentai being the sort of pornographic cartoon that transcends normal porn.

If human porn is like sex with your wife, hentai is like an orgy with a truckload of whores. Nevermind how the whores get into the trucks. Or pass safety inspections. Usually, they go by bus.

What this means is that, it is too soon to see or say whatever.

No one knows what those crazy UMNO people are going to do. Dr M has yet to say anything. I think. Wait. Let me check.

Still loading. Damn Maxis Broadband.

Damn it to hell!

Grandma Tantovsky blesses me from above with great riches!

That last one, and the line above that is from the game Jagged Alliance 2. A character named Steroid, who speaks like Arnold Schwarzennegger, would utter the line latter when uncovering lots of new items.

Okay. There we go.

Nothing yet.

And that's why it is too soon to say anything. Anything at all.

As for me, I am happy with my netbook. No. Not notebook. Netbook.

I get a kick out of doing more things with cheaper stuff than any techno-bob with the most expensive of gadgetry.

I mean, I'm not going to edit movies on my laptop. Not yet. So I am not getting a Mac Book Pro.

And even if I am editing movies, I would use a dedicated PC with FCP. I do not have an SLR yet, so I will not be using the damned thing for heavy image processing. Even if I were, well, this netbook has better specs than my previous P4 computer. I'm sure if I install lightweight image-processing shit, it can handle the strain. As long as I'm not multi-tasking, it will be fine.

I used a prosumer Kodak and got my pics on the cover.

Again, it is the man behind the tools, not how expensive the tools are.

Also, by using the cheapo ones first, I would know the shortcomings and limitations of the damned thing. Best way to learn about something is to try and do it without all the necessary tools. Or qualifications. Or even experience.

Jump right in and see how well you float.

Oh well. Am sleepy now. Gotta go get some sleep.