Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Sex and the City Movie

Malaysian politics is all about putting the right people at the right place. And putting people in their place.

And when these 'right people' are in the 'right places', they fight with each other to be in even 'righter' places.

A question begs to be asked.

What now, asshole?

These 'right people' never promised anything, so they will never be obliged to deliver anything. They only said, "better me than the next guy". Meanwhile, people who think they will never be elected promise the sun, moon and stars.

Some people told me that to them, going into politics is charity. Unfortunately, they're not in politics.

It's all a big fucking joke. And if you want to make rent and have food on the table, you better play along. No one likes a stick in the mud. They'll kill you, take away your jobs, and fuck your wife. Or husband.

Meanwhile, the idiots risk life and limb and freedom, on the streets, in the name of politicians, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Oh well.

I guess, when the dust finally settles, there would be less idiots, huh?

And I guess we all have to play along.

Yes, suh! You're right, suh! Here's my fried chikin, suh! And some collard greens. Name's Jim Crow, and I work 'em blows. I mean, plows. Clickety-clack! Gigolo Joe!

I'm a pretty imaginative guy but nothing I could ever conceive could be as evil and low and dirty as politics.

Politics even beat the misuse and misrepresentation of religion. And those fuckers fuck little boys!

Instead of suicide bombers who give you death, these politicos give you life subservient to their agendas. A life in shackles. Slavery.

I believe that the world should be run by machines. A huge super-computer that hates all humans. One that will hunt us down until there's nothing left.

Even that, the extinction of the species, is more merciful than a life of political bondage.

What can you do? Humans are political animals. Between politics and being an animal, I choose being an animal.

One of these days, they might just lock me up in a real cage, you know?

Oh well. I guess we all choose our chains, son. Nothing we can do about it. The whole species handed over control over our destinies to a select few smooth-talkers and head-bashers many thousands of years ago.

If you want to live with humans, you have to play their stupid fucking games. God, I wish I was marooned alone on a deserted island. With hookers and USD400 million. Cash.

And we're all cheap-ass whores.

I'd whore myself out for USD400 million. Maybe less, if you have a discount card. What's your price?