Sunday, March 8, 2009

STICKY: Politiculous: Antipolitics

I have been accused of having an agenda.

And I say, yes, I do have it. A gender. I'm a man - an ANCHORMAN!

Seriously, though, political fanaticism on all sides is dangerous. Moreso with the Perasan Rakyat camp.

Just because they have the word 'rakyat' in their name, does not mean they speak for all of us. They definitely do not speak for me.

That they would use some people to lie down on the roads for furthering their own political agendas and personal power, sealed the deal. That they would incite people to fight the Royals - a senseless act - is just even more evidence of the dangers of worshipping humans as gods.

And most of them were smart enough not to get involved. Otherwise, they would be incarcerated right now. What they thought was smart, probably, was to let the people - actual people - sacrifice themselves for their hazy cause.

This is using-people-as-human-shields corrupt. This is fucked up. This is selfish, manipulative and downright evil. And that's coming from me - THE ancient spirit of evil.

And their defence?

"Oh, BN did it too! Nyeee!"

And I thought they wanted to provide an alternative to the current ruling party? Remember? The evil empire? If they simply did all the stupid things that BN did, regardless of whether or not they actually do - or even capable of - the GOOD things BN has done, then what difference is there, between them, and the 'corrupt cabal' they have been supposedly fighting against all this while?

I told you before, and I am telling you again. Never trust politicians. Especially when they ask you, clearly or with more subterfuge, to sacrifice yourself for them.

Already we have seen attempts to silence people with differing views about their Perak Peranda situation. Threats, personal or otherwise. Some, directed at the Sultans! Imagine that?

From my point of view, if they are willing to go after the Sultan, they can go after anyone who do not share their same worship of idols in their party.

If you are concerned about freedom of speech, these are NOT your champions. And it doesn't have to be said that, to date, there are no champions - but I am saying it anyway.

Given enough power, they will quite possibly block any and all freedom you have, if you go against them, judging by current trends.

You think the mainstream media is under a chokehold now? Just give them more power.

And their would-be reasoning? Probably:

"Oh, BN did it too! Nyeee!"

None of them, it seems, are capable of rising above it all and be consistent with their own sweet promises, prior to the March 8 elections. They spread propaganda that they are such wonderful men and women, but when the shit hits the fan, they used the duck and cover tactic. Ducking under a pakcik, covering themselves with bodies of well-meaning makciks.

Those people are not pawns. Like a certain politician stated, in an infamous interview years back, they're human beings!

And yes, these pakcik-makciks all have a choice. They are free to do what they did and face the consequences. However, as self-proclaimed leaders of the people, the very least that Perasan Rakyat politicians could have done was to dissuade them from committing acts criminal in nature that could hurt them in the process.

Good leaders put their followers first. Not in front. Leaders who sacrifice their followers for their own selfish and evil political agendas while they sip coffee and tea at safe distances are not good leaders.

Operation Human Shield anyone?

Civil disobedience has its time and place. It is not yet so dire that people need to take it up on the streets.

Sure, lots of things in this country are fucked up. As it is in the rest of the world. If we really had a fair and just system, the majority of the people would have the majority of the wealth. We don't.

We don't advocate alternative fuels. Why? Maybe because we are an oil-producing country. It makes business sense, in the short term. I mean, oil prices will only go astronomically high in say, oh, 20 years? I might be dead by then. So who the fuck cares?

We can't even decide (not agree. Just decide) on our education policy.

Yeah, sure, lots of things are fucked up. But that doesn't mean we have to die, in the name of politicians. I promise you, it will not solve any problems. You're not that Buddhist monk who set himself on fire.

Rationalists must stand for reason. Not for A reason. For reason. Don't listen to politicians and all their pleading to the image, the idea of romantic rebels. Morality my ass. Black hats against white hats. These are all ass-hats against ass-hats. It is not a battle for the betterment of the country, it is a war for who gets the money.

And the answer? Whoever wins, for the moment, it will never, ever be you or me.