Wednesday, March 11, 2009

S&M:The Big Questions in Life

1. If you're a skeleton warrior, how the hell do you rape a cat-girl?

2. How much would it cost to dye your pubes blue, green and platinum steel?

3. Where could you dye your pubes blue, green and platinum steel? A Cut Above? As Above, So Below? Curtains and Carpets?

4. Why do all women like S&M?

5. If you're a hopeless pervert (antithesis of hopeless romantic), how come a demon-beast will seek you out and discover that you're really the Sex Overfiend - destined to combine all three worlds of sex perversions into one - and not the high school idol?

6. Why are all articles of clothing made from rice-paper?

7. Who developed the jutsu enabling Ninja-Sex women to use their pubes as sharp shuriken attacks?

8. Why do anything which is not human has multiple penises for multiple penetration?

9. Why did the Nazis create Sex-Rape-Death machines?

10. If you stroke a woman's clitoris, why does it enlarge to become like a penis?

11. When having sex with a woman who has bat-wings, why does she flap her wings (actual bat-wings) during orgasm?

12. Similarly, why do cat-girls' tails get fluffy and stiff when she comes?

13. If your dick has a face and wears glasses, as well as a personality, would that actually get more girls to fuck you?

14. Why is hypnosis always preceded by fucking?

15. Do animals really find human females attractive?

16. Is sex the only way to open rifts between dimensions?

17. Why is everyone's nipples pink or platinum-grey?

18. Who is this 'man':