Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of the Uncanny Boron - The Boringest Man in the Universe!

The meeting earlier today was cancelled. Good thing is, now I have two more meetings.

So I went out and had lunch.

Then I went back and slept for a while. Took my laundry before that.

Woke up, ordered some food and am now working again.

I breezed through six scenes while drinking some stuff from a can. I am so cool. Muahahahaha!

A lot of people asked me what I am doing now. I wanted to say, "Masturbating." but that would be disrespectful to their concern.

A proper answer would be, "Movies."

A more creative response would be, "I'm tolchoking my penis while my finger in-out, in-out of my ass."

Appo polly logies, my droogs, I am going back to my work now. And my can of amber elixir.