Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tales From the Drunk Side: Tales from the Drunk Side

Man, I can't sleep.

Did you know that in the original Red Riding Hood story, the wolf fucked the grandma AND Red Riding Hood and then ate them? Which means he ate his own cum.

Which also means that the original Red Riding Hood story was a hentai.

The woodcutter was a later edition. And even then, the wolf was killed and had its belly filled with rocks, and thrown into a river.

The shit they serve nowadays are so fucking sanitized, man. Kiddie pastiche. Motherfucker.

In the original Sleeping Beauty, a kiss didn't wake the princess up. Nope. The prince fucked the sleeping princess and she woke up during childbirth. Or when the kids suckled her nipples.

In another version, there was a tree with golden apples that give immortality, and the prince's two brothers and father. And one of the children had an apple growth or benign tumor on his hand.

Fairy tales were not gay back then. They were dark and foreboding. Somebody always got raped or killed.

Funniest thing I ever saw on Sesame Street was Grover forcing Kermit to wear dentures. It was so...bizarre.