Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reformasi Revisited

During the Reformasi years, I was a student at UM. It was a hidden hotbed of political activity.

Several days before the big split between Anwar and Dr M, the political giants at UM (read: seniors who couldn't graduate and have stayed at the campus for seven years or more) have passed on the message.

Anwar and Dr M - Retak Menanti Belah! They were trying to get everyone to side with Anwar.

A PIS-M guy even took me to the mamak stalls at Seksyen 14, believing, as MCKK guys do, that I somehow have power over people. That I could convince some of the students - representing the freaks and the geeks and more importantly, a significant number of the neutrals.


I have never, in my short life, represented anyone other than myself. And I do not want to convince people to think as I do. That would not be fun. Variety is the secret to our species' survival.

ANyway, some old people also approached us students, and I was willing to listen to anyone who would give me a ride to the mamak stalls at Seksyen 14. I love the Maggi Goreng Double (at only 50 cent extra) there.

You know what the old folks told me?

"Kitorang dah tua. Ada anak bini. Korang lah, bebudak universiti, kena pergi merusuh."

Translation: "We're old. We have wives and kids. You guys, the university students, are the ones who should go out and riot in the streets."

It was from that time that I understood these people's politics. They want to make use of young people to fight their battles for them. That's why they haul their kids around to street demonstrations and knowingly expose those young lives to water cannons and tear gas.

I have nephews, and I wouldn't even let them near the waters at Cherating Beach. But these people would drag those kids around as human shields.

Young people will forever be used as tools of politicians.

I have been studying the number of voters in the previous two elections. In a lot of constituencies, there has been sudden jumps in the number of voters between 2004-2008. I believe these to be young people and it would be their first time voting.

These young people, people of my generation, probably caused a lot of the tipping over to the Perasan Rakyat side in the last election.


Maybe because they believe in establishing an alternative. And they bought hook, line and sinker the opposition's lies that there are only two possible sides. Two possible choices. Two options.

Young people love street demos. They love bashing things up. ANy reason for a party. I hate parties. People are so fake in parties.

Look, man. If you want to be used by politicians and selfish, cowardly old people, then go right ahead. If you want to be a sacrifice, go right ahead.

Reformasi was a scam. The promises made during those times were never fulfilled. Where are the boxes of evidence of Government corruption Anwar said he had? It's been ten long years, foo! Where are the evidence?

And then the insinuations that Dr M had many women in his office. And the insults towards Dr Siti Hasmah.

Now, when the Anwar-led opposition has roughly half the country, what have they done? Fight over Toyota Camrys. Hold meetings under trees. Fuck you.

What kind of fucked up alternative is this bullshit?

I didn't buy your bullshit 10 years ago, and I'm sure as hell not buying your bullshit now.

I may be young. I may be a rookie. My path will include lots of mistakes. But I am not as stupid as to be a sacrificial lamb for the opposition or for BN.

I'd suicide-bomb you fuckers before you can use me.