Sunday, March 29, 2009


You know, instead of fighting about trees and over Toyota Camrys and about sleeping with your glasses on and trying to run each other down, why can't our politicians debate about shit like, what's our ten year energy policy?

We still going to be oil exporters by 2020?

If we are, then all is fine. If we're not, then isn't it time we start talking about the alternatives?

Ah, fuck politicians and their politics. They're only interested in establishing their power. And subsequently to get more money and, for fuck's sake, Toyota Camrys.

Which is intriguing, cause if they're thinking about money, then why not take a peek at the possible replacement to fossil fuels?

I'm not talking about spending billions on a pilot project. I'm not talking about saving the world - though the good Press that generates is awesome.

Fuck saving the world, man. Think of the money.

Fossil fuels are finite. It's hard to renew. Takes hundreds of millions of years to be produced. Global demands will ensure that we will run out. We need to discover a new Saudi Arabia every ten years.

We got lucky, when they found all that oil in Venezuela. And then what?

When I spoke to people in the industry, the reaction has always been:

1. Don't try to teach us what to do.

- First of all, I have no intention of teaching them anything. Why are they so insecure? Small dick?

- People who are averse to information, from any quarter, are stupid.

2. I read about it.

- Yeah. And? What? Cool, that you read about it. We bow down before your superior knowledge. Your august penis. Now what?

3. The Americans or the Japanese will think of something. Somebody else will think of something.

- Yeah, and then charge us hundreds of billions just to run their pilot programs in our country.

Aside from a few PR (public relations, not Perasan Rakyat) exercises, there has hardly been any serious commitment to go for alternative fuels.

What baffles me is that in the long run, this could be worth a lot of money. Savings is one thing. Having a clean image is another. But the prospect of selling our clean energy model to other, similar developing countries is humonngous.

I don't really give a shit who's championing it. Hell, if KJ wants to forward clean energy as his ticket, I'd vote for him as the Energy Minister. I'd even vote for him as Prime Minister or Prezodent. Without even the RM3,000. If Anwar wants to champion it, it would be easier to glance over his power abuse and butt-fucking allegations.

The truth is, though, that politicians will not do this because:

1. They are collectively stupid.

2. They might be getting kickbacks from giant oil companies.

3. They are collectively stupid.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. Then again, I might be. But forwarding an energy agenda seems to me to be the logical thing to do. To save money. And to make money.

Of course, I could very well be wrong. Maybe God will ensure that Saudi Arabia will never run out of oil. Maybe petroleum will be magically-produced every year. Maybe we and all our children and grandchildren will all die before the 90-year reserve in Saudi Arabia go up in smoke.

Oh yes, I could be wrong. Not like our esteemed politicians. They are always right. We never lost anything to any other country. Nosirree. None of our islands were lost. None of our water and waters as well.

The hell do I know, man?

I'm just an unemployed guy who does movies for a living.

Not like I'm a Holy Politician.