Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zaid Daniels and Kamalanathan The Kisser

If anything, the recent smear campaigns by BOTH BN AND PKR sucked ass.

So what if Kamalanathan kissed Muhyidin on the lips? Who did Anwar kiss? Where?

So what if Zaid drinks JD? Or gambles? He is merely reflecting the true Malaysians of today.

And even after much proof and evidence have been brought forward, some are still saying Kamalanathan do not have a degree.

You know what? Tertiary education is overrated. It is a scam. I've met stupid Ph. D holders, and smart people who don't even know how to read. Takes all kinds, man.

ANyway, end of the day, the people of Hulu Selangor gets to decide. I just want some sleep.

This, after disappointment that even though perhaps the biggest issue facing Hulu Selangor is rumours of an H1N1 outbreak around 80km from that place - or some other bullshit - the politicians are still doing what they do best - smear.

Man, if we start spaying and neutering idiots in this country, no more politicians will be born after 50 years.