Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Early Burt

I need to wake up early tomorrow, so I downed three times the reccomended dosage for cough syrups.

Now, everything's so smooth and nirvana and shit.

I lay under a hooker and achieved enlightenment. Under the Body Tree. Muahahaha.

I believe in the gospel of Neon Genesis Evangelion. That everyone is separated by an AT Field. An Absolute Terror Field. The fear to allow your infinite self to mingle and combine.

Sex, way I see it, is transcendental in the sense that it connects essences of two or more beings.

That's why, when you orgasm, you see only white, empty space. Your ears ring. You get a tingling sensation all over. Nothing exists. Everything is static. Everything falls apart.

This is heaven. That's why drug addicts get addicted to drugs. The loss of the AT field causes them to glimpse flashes of it. Satori - flashes of enlightenment.

I have only been alive for 30 years. If there's only one thing I've learned in the past three decades, it is simply this:

Be happy.

Happiness is a choice. So is misery. Everyday, I wake up, and I decide.

Happiness, is not about jumping up and down or drinking Kool-Aid. It's just a state of being where there is no desire.

No esire for money. For pain. For glory. For being right. For being SEEN AS right. For approval.

All that bullshit just makes you shallow. You can get it, but you need not be in a position where you FEEL and THINK you need it.

When you want for nothing, no one can control you. There is no way anyone can deny you freedom.

And freedom, freedom is the ultimate happiness.