Saturday, April 3, 2010

Confidence Men

Nowadays, in Malaysia, we don't hear the politicians talking about the people.

Even the lipstick liberals (Zaid Ibrahim and friends) are not talking about the people. In fact, the lipstick liberals who were for freedom of speech, are now suing journalists, therefore trying to destroy freedom of speech. So that their individual image remains clean. The politicians are now only talking exclusively about themselves.

This is because their industry (Industry of lies and thievery and daylight robbery) relies so much on the goodwill of the people. You will have goodwill, not because you are doing anything beneficial, but if you are a celebrity.

Ever wonder why a lot of politicians marry or rumoured to have affairs with celebrities? Cause the only way they can get votes is if they're famous.

Fuck the manifesto. Fuck the agenda. Fuck the plight of the people. It's all about me. Memememememe. And MONEY. Even when talking about the people, it is in the context of me. Of I.

"I will do this and that."

"I will get it right."

Not many have asked the question, "How?" as they are so stuck with the "Who."

I suggest we kill them all. Politicians never cared about us. Maybe there were one or two. The rest?

Just listen to their speeches now and then. Read their writings. It's always about them, or how they are fucking superior in comparison to other people. How other politicians are wrong and they are right. Never about issues. Never about people.

Their petty fights and grandstanding trying to make it a Coke Vs Pepsi situation.

Kill them all. Kill all con-men.