Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm going to Langkawi tomorrow. Work, baby, work! I got a (borrowed) dSLR and I'm taking pictures.

My flight is in the morning, and a cab will be coming for me at 8am. I have yet to pack properly.

Been reading wikipedia for the past five hours. Usually, with a single reading, I retain - almost completely - around 25%. I remember 70% of the lessons in school. These are rough figures.

I am sometimes surprised that most people don't. Then again, I don't have a car or a wife or kids. This means that my brain is free from such cumbersome things.

Having a car means that I will constantly think about the car, from multiple angles. Did I lock it? Will it be scratched? Did I park it correctly? How much is the road tax and insurance and how, as well as WHEN am I going to pay the tickets?

This is one of the reasons why I have never had a car. Furthermore, I live in KL. There are lots of cabs around. I don't even travel that much anymore.

Ah, well.

I intend to read and write reviews for three books in Langkawi. One, I am almost finished with. We'll see how much time I can cultivate for myself on the island.