Monday, April 5, 2010


SOme friends asked why I don't go after people and kill them. Why I don't make fun of a lot of people anymore. Why I don't 'put people in their place'. Except politicians.

Honestly, I find it easier and much more fulfilling to enjoy my life as it is right now. I got nothing to complain about. I mean, yes, my father is sick, and my family is dysfunctional - but everyone's fathers are sick and a majority of families are dysfunctional. A TV show told me that over 80% of families are dysfunctional.

Mine is just as fucked up as yours. No need to whine about it every day. Like in the previous article, I maintain my stand that most people should not be allowed to breed. That's what I think.

And going after people like the lipstick liberals, while fun at times, is useless. Fake people have no capcity for true happiness, and that is a fate worse than death. I could not wish for them a worse situation. It eclipses everything. Not even being raped by the mutant erection of a career dog-rapist(Warren Ellis).

They start believing their own hype. They start glorifying themselves in their own eyes. They have posters of famous people on their doors. It's all bullshit.

Look at me. Lookatmelookatmelookatme. I'm a writer. I'm not bad. I have more common sense than a lot of people, which means that I can apply myself to many different things. It's a skill that can't be taught. Doesn't make me the best writer in the world. Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore are, in my opinion. Doesn't get me insecure. If I am worried about that, I wouldn't write at all.

Thing is, I am the Lord of Destruction. I am aware of many types of destruction. Destruction, is change. I sense the seed of the rot in all idiots. I don't really have to do anything. Add to that, I am a lazy bastard.

I see nouveau riche motherfuckers - none of them have ever been real in their lives. I no longer even feel the need to show them my emotions, my feelings towards them. In fact, I feel nothing for them.

Using my Buddha powers, I don't even see them or consider them at all. They do not exist. They are not even the dirt under my feet. They are beyond consideration.

My job in life, according to a Thai hooker in the back alley of Bangkok, is to live my life the best I could. And let God sort it all out.

I am in line with the truth, and I do not need for people to tell me that I am right. I KNOW I am right.