Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind

I have always bought parts for my PC from friends. I get real good discounts from these tech-heads.

Unbfortunately, most of them still has yet to graduate, or got kicked off college. Don't ask.

Now, I am in a conundrum. This PC just died on me when I tried playing CM. Only after some BIOS mod skills could I get it to function again. My guess is, by the end of the year, this PC is toast.

I mean, I open like, 100 webpages at one go, and then I play games with the fucking things still open. The temperature in Malaysia has increased, with some themometers recording it as high as 40 degrees. That's Celcius, foo!

I am also running out of space for my porn. I mean, for important Open Office files and pictures of cats.

This system I am using, which I cobbled together from the scavenged parts of four other systems, is falling apart.

I was thinking of Low Yat or Imbi Plaza. However, after making some calculations from the brochures they hand out, the kind of system they are selling with the specs I'm looking for, even though it has DEALER PRICE written all over it, is the same, slightly lower, or slightly higher than a Dell or HP desktop.

Furthermore, HP and Dell offers on-site service and warranties that no shop in those plazas could match.

Also, last time I bought a laptop, I got screwed by a couple of hundred dollars at Low Yat, while the same laptop I got for my sister at fucking Harvey Norman is cheaper, and has all the warranties.

I mean, Low Yat and Imbi are good for upgrading and finding parts. However, as dealers, I don't think they can match the power of wholesale, original software and service that HP or Dell has.

I'll still go for speakers and motherboard batteries, power supply units and the like, but for a full system, I think I'm better off with buying a major brand.

That being said, I think a trip to Low Yat or Imbi is due. Perhaps next weekend. Maybe I can find a bargain. I mean, if I'm buying something with limited warranties, it better be damn cheap. If it's just RM200 off, I might as well go for Dell or HP.

And I am also looking up my old friends, to see if they can get me some parts I need to assemble my system.

Thank God I have a netbook. If this system fails, I'm converting it into a docking pod for my netbook. And wait until I have enough money to buy that kick-ass system.