Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side:Thursday Temporal Displacement

I missed a special screening of Ip Man 2 yesterday, as I was working from home till midnight.

The funny thing was that I thought it was today, and rushed till 3pm, when I found out there was no special screening tonight.

AFter work, I went to Sid's Pub in Bangsar South. Nice place. The Lord of Chaos took me there, and I had a grand old time. The music was cool, if a bit young. The chicken wings were decent, and the cat that prowled there seemed to have agreed.

It was a place that made it possible to have a conversation even while the music was on, so it was cool.

I do entertainment and lifestyle all day long, so on my own time, I talk politics.

Anyway, nice ambiance, nice people. Will go again, but not this week. I have some stuff I need to do tomorrow.

Oh well. Time to go to sleep.