Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Truth

I don't really understand why people are so jealous of me.

I mean, I do have wholesome good looks, and have fucked more than 10 times my share of good-looking women whose pussies don't smell. I am so fucking smart, but that's simply because other people are so fucking stupid.

Well, I must say that I do commit one thing which I have little control over. Whenever I am with fake people, my shining light of truth simply penetrates their clouds of pretentiousness and they all sit uneasy, squirm actually, because they can never hold a candle to the reality that is me.

They can no longer pretend, or shy away from their insignificance when faced the augustness that is me.

Lipstick liberals, and people who live, sucking on the teats of their own megalomania (not me, cause I am the truth), those who high-five each other for their own stupid fake existence - all fall before me. They shudder and shake and piss their panties.

I am become death. The destroyer of (fake) worlds.