Monday, April 5, 2010

Casanova Frankenstein

My PC has served me well, all these years.

I bought the motherboard and CPU, second-hand, from a friend. In fact, I bought everything, piece by piece, from friends. The only thing that I carted around from my old PC was the DVD-ROM and the speakers, which I got from other friends.

So far, it has served me well. Then, coming back from work, to do even more work - particularly some stuff I needed to update and correct - I was stumped when my PC just shut down by itself.

It happened before, while playing Plants Vs Zombies, and I thought that was just a fluke. It is not. Seems that I need a new PC.

Perhaps it is too hot nowadays, and I need the liquid cooling system. Maybe a sturdier graphic card. As much RAM as I can afford. A few TeraBytes of storage space. Two flat-screens. A quad-core processor, perhaps?

Well, I got some emergency funds stashed somewhere. This is the last of the last. Well, not counting my pension fund and insurance. I got enough perhaps to buy a new PC, but would it have two flat-screens? Can it transform into a robot?

Questions, questions! But in two months, I will be typing away on a new PC, perhaps something that will leave this one in the dust. And something that won't die on me when I want to do some uploading online.