Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Unprecedented Attack on Lipstick Liberals

I fucking hate lipstick liberals. The lip-service liberals who place their mouths and their lips around the cock of lies and started sucking.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of the Press. Freedom of expression. Freedom of religion. All these bullshit motherfuckers scream and yell for these freedoms, which they have little knowledge about, during rallies and on pmaphlets.

When it comes to action, they do nothing. In fact, some of them sue journalists. How does suing anyone for the things they write in any way promoting freedom? That promotes fear, not freedom.

You can ask for a retraction, or write something and ask for it to be published. I once gave a bad review for a dance thingy several years back, and the people in the review sent something as a reply from an expert who called my article, at best, as misguided or ill-informed. He was basically calling me an idiot. So we ran the piece the next week. No harm, no foul.

Hell, the time when individual journalists, or merely individuals have the final and only say on something, is ending. Blogs, social networking sites, forums, blah blah blah, will shape public perception more effectively than anything we have ever seen.

Everyone gets a say. Two says. Or three. Whatever. And that is neither good, nor bad. It is simply the changing of the rules. The whole world is changing, you bastards. Wake up and smell the Molotov cocktail.

It's a brave new world and lipstick liberals have no place in it. You can GETTT OUTTTT!