Monday, April 26, 2010

Cartoon Girls I Wanted to Fuck

When I was a small kid, I always wanted to fuck FEMALE cartoon characters. Unlike Sunder, of course.

Here's one from Beetlejuice:

That black-haired Goth chick with the eyebags and Jewish looks. Man!

ANd here, is Jem and the Holograms:

I wanted to fuck Kimber. You know, Girl Number 2 with red hair? The one who sprays the camera with water or some shit. She's fucking hot.

Oh, and of course, I wanted to fuck Synergy the Computer. Oh yeah. WIth little electric shocks on my dick. Man!

This is Binoc Six:

STupid intro, but I have always wanted to fuck the mother cause she has telepathy and can read/control people's thoughts. I wanted to get her, and then control Rock 1, the daughter. So I can fuck her.

This is The New Adventures of He-Man. I wanted to fuck the sheep-girl. The one in that shade of pink. Mauve? No, too purple. Peach? Komquat? Whatever the fuck. I wanted to fuck her so much, man.

Yeah, the hot chick with the little kid. The girl in the short dress. I was like, eight, and I wanted so much to hook that dress up and take it down so it crumples around her stomach and fuck her silly. YEAH.


Oh wait. Erm... excuse me for a while.