Friday, April 30, 2010

*HATE* Lipstick Liberals *HATE*

I spoke to some lipstick liberals, and they condemn this and that about the Government, about the country, about the bullshit they pull, blablabla.

So I asked them, what would they have done?


Except that it's their bullshit, their racism, their message and their hate that they want spewing forth from the whatever.

"Oh, we hate how the media is covering only BN propaganda. That's not right!"

Me: Okay, what would you do, if you were in power?

Lipstick Liberal: Give that treatment to anything other than BN.

Me: But... that's just the same as what you are accusing them of doing. That's still imbalance.

Lipstick Liberal: Well, duhhhhhh, since I'm a fucking hypocrite, it's all right.

Me: Right...

LL: Hey, like, you're a journalist, right? I think all journalists should be able to print whatever they like! Freedom of the Press! Without fear not favour! I don't like how the Governbment always terrorises journalists and use fear to keep them in line. Freedom of speech at ALL costs!

Me: Oh, great, thanks. By the way, this journalist just said some bad things about you.

LL: What? I'll sue the motherfucker! That'll scare anyone from saying bad things about me! This lawsuit will keep them in line! Motherfuckers!

Me: But...

LL: I'm a hypocrite!

Me: Ah, yes.

This is why I hate lipstick liberals and I would kill them all, if I actually cared enough.

Since I'm writing this in a blog, the world will change today. Muahahaha!

Anyway, I urge any and all Malaysians to keep our Government in check, and at the same time, to kill and maim ALL lipstick liberals. Kill them all. Let none survive.

Cause the Government may be evil, but lipstick liberals annoy me. And things that annoy ME should be destroyed today.