Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Solution to the Bumiputera Issue

Racism is rearing its head again. My oh my.

Fuck the racists. Here's my solution to racism in this country.

So, a lot of non-Bumis think it's so fucking unfair that they 'don't have the same edge' as Bumis.

Okay, I am now offering to Bumiputeralise four hot non-Bumi chicks. In fact, I think I can Bumiputeralise 208 hot non-Bumi chicks in a year.

For the small fee of RM2 million a pop.

C'mon! As a Bumi, you are entitled to free money, free education, free healthcare, free housing and exempt from paying tolls. Look at me. I'm so fucking rich, I'm sitting down without my pants. On a Friday!

Now call this number: 1-800-SUCKMYDICK and be a Bumi TODAY (or maybe next week).