Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hang Nadim Syndrome: No One was Killed in the Writing of This Blog Post

According to Dr Oz, a healthy shit is green in colour, and sinks. Shit that floats have too much cholesterol and oil and fat.

Judging by this bit of info, I have pretty good shit. It's not green, as that would be weird. It's kind of grayish-brown in colour. And it sinks!

I take a dump twice a day, and had just done the first session this morning. One more later in the evening.

A good shit is important. As well as a good fart. Because any gasses and waste not released will eventually be absorbed back into the bloodstream. Especially gasses. Gasses need to be released regularly. I fart constantly to ensure that I do not become those people who have hot air go to their brains.

I like my head and the cavity where my heart should have been (but I have no heart) to be filled with good stuff, not one to be full of shit.