Sunday, April 18, 2010

Uncle Najib: A Review

It is Day whatever of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak being Malaysia's Optimus Prime.

I do not believe we can accurately gauge whether or not he is a good PM, or a bad one. I can only comment that I acknowledge what he has done so far.

Coming up with the NEM was further proof that this guy will focus on the work at hand - be they good or bad work remains to be seen - rather than put everything on his own self.

I was extremely skeptical of the 1Malaysia concept, as it seems like more sloganeering. But the focus on the bottom 40%, low-income earners regardless of race is a step many - including myself - have called for. Execution remains to be seen, but the thought is there.

Rarely do we ever hear of Malaysian politicians talk about the people. It's usually about themselves, as Malaysian politicians have taken on the role of professional wrestlers without the money, glory, entertainment value, good looks or hygiene.

It's always about 'me'. Mememememememe. Never about the work on improving everyone's lives.

Some politicians make their career on the possibility of being a victim. So you're a victim. BIG. FUCKING. DEAL. What are you going to do, or rather what are you DOING to improve everyone's lives?

Take more naked pics? Intimidate more foundations? Buy more Toyota Camrys? Suck my dick?

Simply pointing out mistakes and flaws of the opposing side, be they Government or Opposition, is self-indulgent, self-centered and selfish. It worked before, but Malaysians are indeed idiots if we allow these prancing ponies to simply gallop and strut without doing a shred of work.

One can always bet on the fact that the more mistakes one points out, he or she has committed more, as only those who made them can recognise mistakes in others.

I much prefer a PM who is more inclined to come up with projects rather than waste time entertaining the whims and fancies of his or her opponents. A worker more than a politician. Or feeding his family - in-laws and all. Or sleeping. If the PM gets more sleep than I do, then Malaysia is doomed.

Shut the fuck up about who is MORE racist. You're all fucking racists. Some are even lip-service liberals. Lipstick liberals. Moralising left and right, but when it's on their heads, they sue.

We should send a clear message in the next elections. Mark any and all politician, from any party, who speaks more about him or herself, than about the people, and we simply DO NOT vote for them.

Any prancing merry men can just go fuck themselves.

ANyway, I would have been more worried if Najib were to spend most of his days simply answering allegations and taking care of his own ass. He should take care of my ass. The People's Asses.

At least, there is progress, though to which direction, no one can know until much later.

Furthermore, he's Pahangese.