Friday, April 9, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: Week in Review

This week, I got angry and depressed about my family. Really angry. It was just yesterday that I managed to settle myself.

My thoughts are with my folks in Kuantan, as well as the other family members. It has been crazy, and we have endured a lot of shit this past two years.

I have come to the decision to let a lot of things go. No use holding on to them. I can't and don't want to control anyone, especially my family.

People who try to control other people will ultimately fall into great depths of despair. It is impossible to change people. They will remain so.

I have seen many self-centered retards who remain that way for many years, and they have yet to turn any sort of leaf, new or old.

Some people, are one-trick ponies. They just have one trick. And that's it. Compared to those people, I'm a fucking magician.

But yeah. After many hours of sleepless nights, I have come to that conclusion.

This weekend, I got TV shows and movies to write. SOmetimes, I wish I could clone myself, but as with people, I can't change myself. I just have to live and die with my own stupid beliefs.

I believe in freedom and independence. And the decimation of self in the face of anything. Self is ego, and I have seen many egotistical people live in fake worlds. Destined for despair. But I should not share my judgments. I am in line with the truth. You can say that I am wrong, but saying it does not change anything.

I am still the truth, and the way, and the greatest motherfucker who ever fucked your mother. The I that is space. Unbind. And free.