Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House of M: What Makes it Work?

A lot of companies have stupid misconceptions about the Internet and the communities that live there.

They lose sight that what makes websites work are still people. A most dangerous and ever-changing factor.

Interactivity and direct involvement - which was not a staple of the old media - opens doors and it is the media people's jobs to hang on to the handles for dear life.

For when you start a website, you do open the Pandora's Box of bullshit, stupidity and irresponsible mannerisms from people as much as you nurture the exchange of ideas, information, thoughts and viewpoints.

The Internet is a separate reality for a lot of people. For now. SOme people become sexist, racist and usually just plain stupid. However, the key components remain the same.

So if you want to make it right, you must understand people, and manage a large number of people who will be using the facilities.

The old system of the old media where the public trust of disseminating information is served by the privileged few, is dying. There will be lesser star journalists and columnists and whoever who will dictate information and information flow.

If I know anything, it is information flow.

Nope. The Internet, with all its whatever, will create its own stars and believe in what it wants. Not what people simply put out.

Without understanding this yearning for freedom, with a burning desire to control everything, some people and some companies who handle websites are at a disadvantage. They become self-obsessed. Hubris sets in. "I know best!" And you will never be the best. And you will know nothing.

The final form of the Internet is a bridging of the virtual and the real. Hinted on fantastically in the anime Serial Experiment Lain with really crazy experiments of quantum physics and perception, using the atmosphere as a giant network and people's brains as harddisks.

But it's all there.

The time for traditional spinning is at an end. Let us use the lessons learned for a new era of information and perception management. Let the truth prevail. Anarchy is set loose upon the world!