Monday, April 5, 2010

Proles Roll De Ol' Roll

I do not understand why we need to respect politicians more than just respect as a human being.

I respect some people, for their work and for their minds. Not for their political station.

In a democracy, the people have the power. The great big not-so-secret secret, the obvious, is the fact that politicians in a democracy, or even in any other system, depend on the public, us, for mandates to power.

Therefore, we lead the Government. We ARE the Government. We are a large part of the system. We are a majority of the system. Therefore, politicians should respect us. We can collectively force them to do what we want.

"Hey Lim Kit Siang and KJ, now do a backflip."

Or no votes for you.

We should first force the politicians to stop talking about themselves and about each other, and start talking about us. 10 million Malaysians are earning below RM3,000. So what are you doing about it?

I am not taking sides, but Uncle Najib's focus on the bottom 40% (regardless of race, I think) is good. It's a start. Rather than talking about whose wives has the bigger hair or who is the better debater, we should force ALL politicians to talk about us.

None of this, "I hate BN" or "I hate DAP" bullshit. Read my lips. I don't give a shit. How the fuck are you going to increase my living standards and my wages within the next three years? How?

How are you going to improve healthcare so that if I break my arms, I can still depend on quality medical care - uncrowded hospitals, better doctors and nurses, better medication - at a low cost?

If I have cancer, can I get treatment that would not bankrupt me or force me to sell large portions of my land?

I have nephews. What do you have in plan to increase their standard of education? Are we hiring better teachers? Are we giving the teachers better training? Are we paying them more? What is the syllabus going to look like? In 20 years, will there be enough spots for all qualified students to continue tertiary education?

My neighbour makes RM400 a month, and he has six kids. A non-skilled, non-educated person is the major bread-winner. Is there a programme to retrain them with something, so that the kids don't grow up and rob me in 10 years?

I don't hear politicians talking about these issues. All I hear from them are:

"Anwar did not buttfuck that guy!"

"Anwar buttfucked that guy!"

"I will sue that journalist right over there, even though a few years ago, I was talking about freedom of speech."

"You're corrupt!"

"No, you're corrupt!"

"No way in hell am I giving up my state-owned Toyota Camry! I love Camrys!"

"Naked pictures! Naked pictures!"

Fuck this bullshit, man. Politicians are there to fight for us. As our representatives. I didn't vote for any of them to do a fucking soap opera.

I suggest that we make a list. Any politician who talks only about him or herself, and does not have a cause to champion, we DO NOT vote for them.

I don't give a shit. Government or Opposition. If the only thing Karpal Singh does is wheel on that chair and cussing all the other politicians, we take away his disabled parking spot.

If KJ is only concerned about his hair, fuck 'em. Figuratively, of course.

If the only thing Anwar does is whine about how much of a victim he is, we tell him to go fuck a horse.

Why the fuck are we listening to their bullshit? They should listen to OUR bullshit. They should kiss our collective asses. Not the other way around.

I don't understand why the many have to bow down to the few. I don't understand why the top 1% have 95% of the money. And why the other 99% are so fucking stupid as to think that they will tolerate this cause one day, they can be in the top 1%.

Wake the fuck up. YOU. WILL. NEVER. NEEEEEEEVEEEERRRRR. BE. A. BILLIONAIRE. Lose the delusion, sickos! And rise up.

Give them nothing. And take from them, EVERYTHING.