Monday, April 5, 2010

Mother! Father! Family!

My family is going through a rough patch right now. I am worried about my father's health.

I inherited his arrogance and hubris. His pride in his work. He was pure intellect. Everything was logical. Now, he's an emotional old man. Prone to do illogical things.

He still works in his garden. His one-acre garden. He burns things.

I worry that one day, giddy and lightheaded from his illnesses, he would fall into the fire. Being a diabetic, that would be a painful death indeed.

Everything else pales in comparison to his situation. Some people notice that I hardly complain these days. I find whining counter-productive, and that no condition could be worse than my father's - an intelligent man who finds himself losing his mind. Slowly.

I am constantly reminded of my own shortcomings, as I am self-centered. His situation and condition is indeed an eye-opener.

Even though my name has achieved immortality in the stories I wrote, the movies, the books, I am still mortal. The world's mightiest mortal, sure, but a mortal nonetheless.

Not a day would pass by without me thinking, "Is there anything else I can do?", "Could I have done more?". Well, you can lead a horse to water... and all that jazz.

In my youth, it frustrated me that I cannot save everyone. Nowadays, I am just angry, sometimes, that I can do nothing more to help my parents.

It is something that I have chosen to accept. There is no use fighting it. My father is as stubborn as they come. He does not see reason. He picks up reason with his hands and destroys it.

I do not honestly think that my parents should have gotten married or had kids. I accept the situation, yes, as well as my existence, but they were not ready. They raised us as best they could. As best they know how, but I believe that they should not have had kids.

I believe that very few people should have kids. This is my judgment. A lot of them plan names and what the kids should do when they grow up. They like the idea of having kids. But when the parasite is born, they do not know what to do with it.

Most kids I see are spoiled brats or shell-shocked victims. Their parents are idiots, so they are being taught the idiots' way. I can share my views, but these are just my judgments, and would not matter cause no one ever listens.

Having kids is a huge responsibility. It is no trivial matter. You are bringing into this world something that will die. THAT'S responsibility. No matter what you do, that thing will die. That's horrible enough. And then you tell it that the world is fine. THe world is not fine. The world is dying. The world is neither great nor terrible. And you would lie to them?

For what? So you could show off to some of your friends how great you are by having kids?

It is not a joke. But many people make it so. Oh well. Not my business.

Huamns ARE like a virus. We invade upon a place, we eat, shit and breed. We multiply. And more humans drain the resources of the land. Malthusian theories say that the earth can only support a finite number of organisms, and mankind is doomed, unless we have the bubonic plague or something to keep the population in check.

I suggest a nuclear holocaust. Let the roaches inherit the earth.