Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Intermission: Insomniac

I was lying in bed, when I got a message that a story just came in. So I sat up and did what I will always do in this cae. I went and read the story.

And now I am up again. Hopefully for just a few more minutes.

Enough to tell you:

MySpy might still be available on Astro Box Office. That was the first movie I wrote.

Magika, the next movie, has gotten mostly good response from viewers. I have yet to see it, my own schedule keeping me from watching this collaboration with Edry KRU.

I have heard many dates when Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa will come out. I am not sure which one is correct. I will not pursue the matter, and will trust the KRU brothers to do the right thing with the movie.

Sharon Bakar is putting together a book based on the Readings series she has conducted, and Bernice Chauly earlier, I think. She wanted one of the pieces I read there. So I'll be a published author again. The first time this happened was for a short story in Silverfish III. Last time was after I left The Malay Mail in 2006, or was it 2007, when Susuk came out?

Just writing this makes me want to write a novel again. But duty calls. Between my work at The Malay Mail and my movies and TV shows, I have little time for novels.

Some people asked me to do some technical writing. I think I shall pass it to some friends.

I have yet to do a comic book with Sunder, Chee or Adijin. 1Malaysia indeed.

I have a story about a powerless Superman who fights Lex Luthor with only the powers of journalism, and takes 30 years to have a dent as he solves the murder of Jimmy Olsen in a noir send-off.

I have one story about the reincarnation of Jesus and Buddha in a girl, protected by a supernatural dark creature.

There is one with a pirate all-star cast. Black Bart, Black Beard, Anne Bonney, Mary Reed, The Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet and the fictional Richard the White.

There is a ninja murder mystery, set some years after the Battle of Sekigahara.

There is one that would connect all South-East Asian mythologies. One about choices, set in a sci-fi world.

One to create a super-power universe in Sentul.

Ah well. Maybe one day I get to write comics. For now, I shall settle on trying to get some sleep.