Friday, April 9, 2010


The most vital part of communications is listening. Communicating your message can exist in so many forms, but there is only one way to listen.

I was on the phone this morning with 12 people. 20 phone calls, 12 people. On my off day. Not complaining. Just phone calls. Hardly work.

Each had different ways of communicating. Most listened, some didn't. It was extremely easy to talk to people who listen than those who don't.

SOme people go into modes, which sucks. To get some of them to listen can sometimes be very hard.

Oh well, as long as I listen, it's all right.

This is a very important skill. Listening means that you cannot jump to conclusions, and can't judge people too soon.

I see a lot of talented people who failed, are failing and will fail miserably and never reach what they seek, simply because they did not stop, look and listen.

In order to be effective anywhere, for anything, you must not be in love with your own voice.

Sometimes, I find that all I have to do is to listen, understand, and that's it. I don't have to do anything. Good people will turn out good. Bad people, or selfish ones, the idiots, will all eventually die out.

Evolution, baby!