Saturday, April 24, 2010

Counter-terrorists Win!

Somehow, I am being stalked by some Arabs. I get several messages on Gmail and Google Chat using Arabic characters.

Dudes, I am NOT Habib Marwan. I don't do terrorism. I'm just a small-time hack in a small country. Malaysia. South of Thailand, north of SIngapore.

A 'documentary' from Australia years ago said we killed a billion immigrants or something like that. And all Malays live on trees. Serious. I saw that on TV, and was so disgusted, I went down from my tree to crap in the river.

For some reason, I have always distrusted the Aussie Government. I find them US-wannabes.

This was made clear to me in their cartoon Dinky-Dis. Dinky Dis show a Superfriends-type anthropomorphic shit with a Kangaroo and Koala as leader and member of an animal UN of sorts.

Guess who is their greatest ally? A bald eagle representing the US. In fact, one iconic scene showed the kangaroo and bald eagle fighting back to back. This was included in their opening animation.

Malaysia was represented in one episode as a water buffalo in a cage. Or something like that.

What stupid propaganda bullshit. I would have let that slide, if the stories didn't suck ass.

Oh well.

Anyway, my trip back to Kuantan showed me that living on trees is not that bad. I went to two commercial touristy beaches - Teluk Cempedak and Cherating. I didn't go to Balok, Berserah and Pantai Batu Hitam, which are better. Took some nice pics.

I have always been of the mind that Malaysia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In my opinion, they're much better than Thailand's. The East Coast ones, of course. West Coast is polluted and crowded. East Coast is where you want to be.

I prefer Thailand because of the go go girls. I love them go go girls, man. Furthermore, booze in Thailand is fucking cheap. And the girls... the girls.

While girls in Malaysia extort money and are more expensive, Thais are better-looking and don't demand that much. Plus, their vaginas don't smell.

ANyway, to any and all terrorists: I am not a terrorist. So stop bugging me.