Sunday, April 18, 2010


I just got off the phone with a friend. Am so happy that he is doing very well right now. Being a tad flashy, he made a declaration to drive a Hummer by 2009. The Hummer has not yet come, but I won't be surprised if he drives by waving from one sometime soon.

I am surrounded by success, and for that, I am thankful. One of my best friends is doing very well as a creative dude in Canada. Terrina's also there, carrying her second child. Pretty soon, she'll be killing roaches with her walking stick. Just like her Yaya.

Another friend is also in Canada, working as a graphic artist for a robust video game company.

I got four friends in Bonn, Germany, and two in Zurich. The Middle-East contingent has slowly been coming back from over there, but are landing jobs here in Malaysia. Or setting up businesses.

Just the other day, I met up with an old friend who now programmes satellites. Cheepork is moving up, and Chee is happily married.

At home, I have been opening doors for people. I believe that I owe it to the previous generation, to return the many favors they have bequeathed me.

Bequeathed, tau.

Feels like Don Quixote, charging at windmills.

Am glad that so many of us found their calling, and prospering. Seems like the past 10 years was not entirely a waste.