Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What People Want

As the world's greatest marketeer, I understand one thing. In order for you to market or sell anything - an idea, a service, a product - you need to understand people and what they want.

I don't know what people want. I can lie, or trick you into thinking I do know, which would be much better than the fucktards who claim to know, without knowing anything at all.

What I do know is perhaps what people don't want. People react to what they don't want more fiercely and openly than they do to things they do want. I attribute this to a culture of pain-worship that has been established by whatever.

The culture where if you can prove how in pain you are, the more points you score. That's their world. Not mine.

ANyway, yes. What people want. People don't want to know anything that doesn't relate to them. People don't appreciate being boxed in neat little segments. People, in general, hate confinement and restrictions.

I believe that the best service or product that one can sell is freedom. And independence.

If your product or service or idea liberates people from something, they will buy it. It may be financial freedom - no, not the stupid MLM bullshit - freedom from hunger (albeit temporarily) or freedom from tying shoelaces. It's all the same.

ANy product, service or idea is selling freedom. If I can buy freedom from lipstick liberals by buying, say, an H-bomb for RM3.50, I'd do it right now.

If I can kill hypocritical racists for RM1.70, I'd do it. I'll be free from them! Yes!

Freedom is the only product that sells. I believe that people want to be free. They want to streak naked in the streets and be free from the worries of tomorrow and the sorrows of yesterday.

Unfortunately, in reality, almost everything they buy, everything the own, end up owning them. - Tyler Durden.

If I can bottle freedom, I'd give it away for free.

Nahhh... too high concept. Fart jokes later!