Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleep Deprivation: Lifting the Veal

I see lots of relationships where the men treat the women like cattle, and the women simply take it. They just sit there and they take it. They might scream and yell and bleat sometimes, but end of the day, they accept their subservient role.

I never knew that I could get away with so much. Man, it is fucking great to be a man.

I saw the other day a guy who is otherwise pleasant, but when ordering his woman, he just does so like one would bark orders to a dog. He just raises one finger and his voice turns stiff and rigid. He wasn't very convincing, but the girl yelped and fell in line.

These are not my judgments. These are my observations.

It has constantly amazed me how lucky I am to be born with a dick. The things I can get away with. The stuff I can do! Man! This is fucking great!

I could beat up women. I could be a bastard. And that is what is expected of me. My role. A dick. That's easy enough.

There was a girl last week, who had this worried look in her eyes. She told me that "This is my man," and for a moment, there was sheer terror in her eyes. A searching look, to find... what? Approval? The setting of boundaries? Very primal. Very pathetic.

Apparently, all these cows have been fed a lie that they need men. Science proves that it is possible to simply clone women. Just like Dolly. But they don't go for science. They don't go for that at all.

Put in a similar position, I would be a serial killer. Thank God I have a dick.

It used to bother me when some women in the social circles I travel in ask me for advice or for my opinion to 'put me at ease'. They apparently don't need my thoughts on areas they are more well-versed in, but they like my - the man's YEAH! - approval. They need to make sure that I am not 'threatened'? I am not threatened. I have Buddha powers. I don't compete.

Nowadays? I don't give a shit. I see people. I don't see people. I am past caring. I just don't give a shit.

Still amazes me. It is a social structure that puts yokes and harnesses on women, and they fight - very hard - to keep the system in place.

At the core of this evil is the family. Family is evil. Nothing more destructive, nothing more nonsensical than the modern family. That, and the rites and traditions that keep the society working - that keep the people in place - my, my, what sheer terrible genius.

Oh well. We are at Auschwitz, and apparently, I am with the SS. Off to the gas chambers, then.