Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blahblahblahblah Blah.

Warren Ellis said that "genericism is death" and yet so many creative people I work with wanted to do something like this, or that. Always, always something that has been done before - excellently - by other people.

Robert J Sawyer, a Canadian sci-fi author said in an interview that he only lasted this long in fiction because he sought to define himself as different than others. While almost all Canadian sci-fi writers tried to pass off as American - even moving there - to break into the American market, he was proudly flying the Canadian banner of sci-fi.

The result? He was one of only five or six Canadian sci-fi writers. SO when people looked up Canadian sci-fi, they found his name again and again. That's great positioning.

It is one thing to copy a style or a method that has worked before, but the entire thing? Not only does it border on plagiarism, it is just. Simply. Not. Cool.

One guy I knew said, "If people say my comics look like they were drawn by a Japanese, I'd be proud."

Others, want to copy, ape and imitate successful formulas. They want to do genre work.

I believe that if you are not bringing something new or a fresh perspective into a genre, then why bother?

And there are many stories. There are many formats. There is an infinte number of ideas.

Malaysians are a creative bunch. What we lack is perhaps self-discipline, pure intentions and organisational skills.

I believe that a pure heart, laden with good intentions, will bring forward good craftsmanship in whatever it is you do.

I hate cliches.

I turned down many projects, because I could see nothing new in them. There is nothing fresh I could bring to the table, so I dropped out. I don't give a shit, man. If I counted only the money, I'd be crying my eyes out right now. This is why I may never be a millionaire.

Oh well. I may have to say no to many more projects this year. I will only take those I am comfortable with, creatively. Ones that pay me my rates. WIth people I trust.

Other than that, oh well.