Sunday, May 31, 2009

From the Toilet with Reflux

I am right now in the KL Hilton toilet.

The reception and Internet connectivity of my Blackberry is okay enough to do this post.

I am having stomach problems again.

This morning, I went to the emergency ward at Pantai Medical where they gave me a drug intra-venously to stop my stomach from producing more acids.

Apparently, my habit of taking painkillers backfired as Syn Flax, one of them, has to be taken with something else in order for me not to get acid reflux.

This reflux is bad. Kept me from sleeping all of last night.

The doctor and nurses were all nice. At RM171, they better be.

They entertained my queries and at the very least did not pretend to inject me with morphine like that last time.

What they gave me was supposed to work immediately.

It worked, some, but too slow.

So, at the risk of getting another Syn Flax blunder, I took Chi-Kit Teck Aun and some more antacids.

And am staying away from acidic and hot foods. For now.

Oh well. At least I could enjoy KL Hilton's toilet.