Thursday, May 28, 2009

True Neutral

The Government have only given me grief.

Their 'gifts' all have a price to it, and hidden costs.

Their attitudes no better than when they climbed off trees and started driving Gen2s.

The Opposition will probably give me even more grief.

For they are not just evil and stupid, but hypocrites as well.

I long for a society with no administration. No beureaucracy.

I long for chaos.

I want war. I wish this country is at war, and people are dying on the streets.

I want you to die.

Without hate. Without emotion. Just, for you all to die.

Please, God, give this cunt-ry war! WAR! WAAARRR!

I want a 10-year nuclear war. Starting now.

C'mon, US! We hate your guts! Bomb us with your weapons, before you lose your place as the number one superpower.

I want WAR to happen here.

People. Dying. Blood. Spilling.

Death! War! Famine! Pestilence!

Apocalypse! Apokolips!







Gorilla Grodd!


Destroy this world. Please?

Ehhhhh. Nothing's gonna happen. Nothing ever happens.