Tuesday, May 19, 2009

House of M: Desire

You know what people want?

Me neither. If I knew, for SHOW!, I would be a billionaire by now. But I can hazard a guess. Even if I'm wrong, I'm unemployed, so it doesn't really matter.

People want to be recognised. They want acknowledgment - for various things, but at the most basic is existence. Acknowledgment can come from money, some words, a greeting or even a smile. Some, want attention. There is no cure for that last one.

For years, I fought against stereotype. I did not want all these things other people want. What use would I have for vindication? Proof that I am right? What the fuck for? I don't need people to tell me I'm right. I KNOW I'm right.

It is human nature, and I am not satisfied, being human. Little did I know that that dissatisfaction is also a desire.

In the media, acknowledgment and recognition is everywhere. Akademi Fantasia gives the power to vote to its viewers. Radio stations allow listeners, sometimes, to send a shoutout.

Newspapers have letters sections.

And yet, humans, being humans, always want more. So when the world wide web reared its pornographic dickhead, it opened endless possibilities for more acknowledgment and recognition for humans, by humans.

Incidentally, the TV and the Internet was constructed with the same purpose in mind. Almost the same, anyway.

The television was invented as an educational instrument. To broadcast information and shit to households everywhere. Decades later, only the shit part seems to be at the fore.

But some people, like me, do use it as an educational tool. I consider myself an eternal student - constantly gathering more and more information as I age. Hell, I even spend four hours a day reading wikipedia.

So, the Internet was not really intended for porn. One of its architects posed the Internet as a means to store all information in one place. When I get home, I might amend this para and insert the guy's name. For I have an insecurity about my intelligence and need to prove it at every instance. NOT.

So anyway, even if the intention was similar, the approach is completely different.

TV was to be a one-way communication shit thing. The Internet was to evolve to become better than what it was supposed to be, due to user-generated shit thing.

If TV is sex in the missionary position, Internet is gangbang.

And as with gangbang, more people gets 'acknowledged'. More desires are fulfilled.

But those with a fidelity complex or a greedy nature will not survive.

So what does this mean? Nothing. I am merely wanking. As I wait for my friend to join me. She is about to leave the country, forever, and I intend to spend some time before she leaves.