Monday, May 18, 2009

House of M: Savage Land and Genosha

Dr M said that he did not censor the Internet not because he is one of those pretentious fake-liberals, but because he knows it's a Sissyphean endeavour. Impossible.

And yet I still hear ancient fucking dinosaurs still trying to control the Internet.

Listen to me, you stupid pea-size-brained bitches. YOU CAN'T CENSOR THE ENTIRE INTERNET.

You can do that with some isolated communities. Like Jeff Ooi's blog or Malaysia Today. Or China.

But anything you push down, it just pops up somewhere else. Like thwack-a-mole.

Yes, even child pornography. Ask Interpol.

The Japanese and German repressed societies let off steam in their porn - the most degraded and obscene shit ever in the universe.

Malaysia's repressed society and pretentiousness at being nice to each other shows up in road rage and rape cases.

Some people were calling for some ground rules for bloggers. Ground rules my ass. Good luck getting EVERYONE to agree to it.

What you can do is SUGGEST a guideline. Like the Comics Code Authority in the 70s, which came forth as an industry response to public outcry as a result of bullshit Seduction of the Innocent book/study and the unfair vilification of EC Comics' horror and pirate line.

Voluntary order. Ordnung. Because enforcement and regulation that would be fair to all is impossible.

And for us on the other side, don't think that censorship is completely bad. When Marvel picked up Comics Code Authority, they had one of the best Spider-Man stories ever. About the dangers of drug abuse. Story was great, and it had a message. Creativity without a challenge is just me in the toilet, passing some shit.

Iran has some of the most repressive rules ever. And their films and filmmakers are lauded as some of the best in the world.

We are not Iran. We are not China. We can do more shit. Not everything has to follow the American model.

We keep pushing the line. Somewhere, someday, lines would have to be drawn. I draw mine at child pornography. And Elizabeth Wong. Elizabeth Wong != porn! Eli Wong is not porn! She doesn't shave her armpits, hence, NOT porn.

AND no child porn. If the bitch is stupid and wants to have nude photos of herself sucking dick taken, bring it on! But kids - what do they know, eh?

No one will be able to control the Internet. This is the last bastion of stupidity mankind has left. Besides politics.

And we, the RAKYAT (HAHAHAHAHA), are not surrendering it without bloodshed.