Monday, May 18, 2009

House of M: Freaks

One of my friends messaged me in the dead of morning. Well, at 2pm, to tell me I was wrong about Liewfeld. WRONG!

Me: Wut? I thought he was just a reliable bad artist?

Friend: Fuck no! He never delivered. He was not on time, and shit he promised never happened.

Me: Then why was he allowed in the business?

Friend: He's an enigma, dude. He went in when people thought his shit was cool.

Me: Ah, like when people thought Glam Rock was cool.

Friend: He made millions selling his creations to Hollywood.

Me: Yeah, well I don't begrudge a man his living.

Friend: Yeah, well he went on and on about Cable and Deadpool is his. It is his unprofessionalism that makes him so unpopular, not just his art. And his art is baaaad! I know it's intangible and all, but he doesn't draw backgrounds and it's the same drawing over and over again!

So I ended up talking about Rob Liefeld for half an hour.

Which means that Liefeld probably does not fall into the 'reliable bad artist' category. He falls into the 'anomaly' or 'freak' category. People you know who are so bad at what they do, yet draw five figure salaries, for some reason.

Back to my earlier point - you don't have to worry about change, cause if an idiot like Liefeld can survive and even thrive, then so can you.

Oh well. That's the way it goes.