Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dr M to Attack Uncle Najib?


Apparently, some of Uncle Najib's appointments and decisions in the Government have raised the ire of Dr Manhattan.

Remember, Big Blue killed Pak Lah (though KJ remains at large). If Dr M were to attack Uncle Najib, that could very well be the shortest reign as PM ever, beating Pak Lah by years.

Uncle Najib already has 52 years of shit to handle. Not to mention the mess left by Pak Lah's administration.

Dr M's attack would be the decisive, finishing blow for Uncle Najib, and BN.

That's all she wrote, man.

And also the handling of stuff so far.

The bridge. The conduct of civil servants. The appropriation of funds within the Government.

The normal corruption allegations.

The Opposition would do well to just shut up and listen, for now.

While BN does need its usual jumping up and down supporters to counter PR's baboons, they actually have to do the work.

How these politicians respond within the next few weeks could very well determine the next GE.