Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Mas Selamat Movement

An alleged terrorist, Mas Selamat, has been reportedly arrested under the Internal Security Act.

As a fake liberal, I condemn his arrest and ISA.

We should all free terrorists or alleged terrorists like Mas Selamat.

Why? In order to safeguard our freedom! And our way of life.


One day, they arrested terrorists and alleged terrorists. And we did nothing. Because we are not terrorists.

Then, they went for lawyers.

Then, the politicians.

Then, the deviants.

Then, when PTPTN comes for us, we'd be dead.

Oops. I mean, when ISA comes for us, we'd be dead by then.

And there would be no one to defend us. Because the terrorists, lawyers and politicians all died before.

Boo fucking hoo!

Say no to say no to ISA!