Monday, May 18, 2009

One School to Bring Them All

In one of the incarnations of this website, I proposed a once-school system.

How did it go?

Everyone under the same system. BM as primary language. English secondary. And an optional third language choice between Mandarin or Tamil.

Now, there is a real initiative by some people to go and fucking suggest this to the Government.

We should do it.

And yeah, no more quotas for colleges. Cool, man. Kids are overperforming anyway. In my time, I got all my first choice cause my SPM results were good. Nowadays, those same results would mean diddly squat.

And yeah, before it depreciates even further, I got 8 aggregates. 6As out of 10 subjects - BM(A1), English(A1, and a 1A in 1119), Maths(A1), Economics(A1), Biology(A2) and Physics(A2). I got a C3 for my Islamic Education hahahaha. And Cs for History, Additional Maths and Chemistry.

And get more non-Malays at ALL boarding schools. Hehehe. I was at a boarding school, or a full-residential school.

I had to watch my ass for five years. We should all share our pain.

We should also, I believe, get rid of more subsidies. I believe it is time yet again to dole out more scholarships, from various institutions and individuals.

Rather than feed a whole ballroom full of idiots, we can instead spend on education.

Sponsor a child or some shit, for the haves to help the have-nots.

Idiots? Let 'em die. Or do more vocational shit, man. Service-oriented bullshit. How much training does one need to give a good blowjob?

We're right next to Thailand but our people don't even smile, let alone suck some wang. Arrogant fucktards. How the fuck can the tourism industry flourish?

I'll have more after I move house and deal with my court case - I'm a CRIMINAL! Later, dudes. I have managed to wank my brain dry. My pseudo-intellectual side is sated.