Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stand Alone Complex: The Laughing Man


The Malay Male has come back. To. Bangsar.

I just completed my move to Damansara. Why? So I could be closer to my gym. Last year, with diet and exercise, I lost 14kg in just three months.

Now, I plan to go all the way, baby.

I just spent RM200 on healthful (the CORRECT term. Not 'healthy') food and cigarettes. Took me all day, man. I paid a maid RM50 to pack for me and RM170 for a lorry and two movers.

I also treated Cheepork to a RM2.50 wantan noodle thing at Restoran Berjaya. For bringing some of my shit here.

Next week, I need to do two things - buy a bed and closet/wardrobe from Ikea and also do some repairs on my old apartment. So I could claim the full deposit.

This new place at Damansara makes me feel rich. Like a juburjuis. Like Rodek.

I laugh at all the poor people, because I am so fucking juburjuis.


Oh, and I just realised that my old mattress, the one I got as a gift, a full-latex affair, is actually worth RM10,000. Now, if only I can pass it to PTPTN and slash half of my debts.

But, no. It has sentimental and seminal value. As in, seminal fluids. Muahahahaha!

Juburjuis mode, ON! Ramrod challenge phase, ONE!