Saturday, May 23, 2009

Freedom! Truth! Beauty! Love! Bullshit!

Man oh man.

What a lot of food. Glorious, glorious food.

My parents lived through the Second World War and the Malaysian Emergency.

Their family - ours - were terrorised and killed by Japanese forces and Communists.

And for the most part, they did not always have enough to eat.

So it was a big thing to be able to pile the dining table high with food.

Food is a major source of drama and struggle in the family.

The most important question of the day, any day, is usually 'what are we having for lunch/dinner/breakfast/second breakfast/ mid-afternoon tea/supper?'

There is so much food that I am embarrassed whenever I see some of the neighbours. Who don't have enough, sometimes, to eat. And for whom dietary options in World War II and the 21st Century are more or less the same.

My recent suggestions and discussions to help the folks have had at least some good effect. Some members of the household bought them rice and tomorrow, perhaps fish.

Which is well and good. As a start.

However, what I have in mind would be a more lasting, self-sustaining system.

I've thought of a few things and would soon compile a list of who and what I need.

As usual, there would be some obstacles.

Chiefly, three things:

1. Stupidity
2. Laziness
3. Spite

But that, is human nature. And I can't really do anything to change any of that.

I wonder, sometimes, if it would have been easier to just lie down and masturbate all day. And pretend that I am a good person and then breed, breed, breed.

No. That's not me.

I am the devil. And I have come home to roost.

Give me my due. Give me a clue.
Give me my fiddlers two.