Friday, May 29, 2009

Stand Alone Complex: Stomach-Ache Nirvana

I was trying to sleep when I woke up with a bad stomach-ache. This was to be my last day here, so I feasted on local delicacies...too much.

And then, sitting on my primum mobile - the toilet seat - I experienced a satori - a flash of realisation.

My recent dealings with PTPTN has shown me that the people most likely to screw me over are the Malays.

They're the most spiteful people ever. And I know this, because I am Malay. Partly.

So, it is actually of no use to catalogue people based on their race. I will no longer help the 'Malays', as was my mission before. Instead, I will help those in need of help.

A superhero who only likes to help his own kind, is Aquaman. And Aquaman is lame. Always bitching about 'surface-dwellers'. What a fucktard.

This has taught me a valuable lesson. Fuck all the races. Race sucks. Malays suck. Chinese suck. Indians suck. And other races suck, too.

If only we can look beyond race and skin colour. Then we can learn to understand one another and fuck each other in the ass as individuals, and not some race concept propagated by stupid-ass selfish politicians.

Let's join hands and suck each other's wangs. And share our DNA. Hehehehehe.