Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Next Step

I just finished the second batch of ammendments.

Hopefully, everything will be fine. This used to be a hobby, you know. So I got a meeting tomorrow and Friday. Sunday as well. And Monday. And Tuesday.

Can't believe it's almost mid-year already. There are more stuff that needs doing later.

I was formerly working only for food and shelter. And Blackberrys. Now, I got a target to achieve. Probably tomorrow, I'll pay 10% of my study loans.

If my next batch of payments are in within a couple of weeks' time, I can pay perhaps another 10% or 20%.

New projects might afford more funds.

And if some people who owe me money pay me, then that will also go to the loans. Unfortunately, I don't have anything that can slap them with 12% interest. The world is not fair. Boo fucking hoo.

Do you hear me copping out? Nosirree. I'll walk my yellow ass back across 8 mile. I got the seven digits from yo mother for a dollar tomorrow.