Sunday, May 24, 2009

There are some problems. Obstacles.

The projects I wanted to do, some had already been done. And they all failed miserably.


Because the people didn't want to do it. Some people, there are reasons why they are poor.

However, all this is expected and I have been shopping around for a solution for years.

One, suggested recently, is to utilise manpower. There are people who come here for homestay - students mostly.

They can either be paid to plant the trees we are considering, or that could be part of their thing.

The best solution is, of course, to make me a multi-millionaire.

Release me from these financial bonds.

Unleash the beast!

But...that's not gonna happen.

So the only way is the hard way. Or a roundabout way.

There is almost nothing I can dangle to convince the people to do what I've planned.

Some of them are vicious. Some are downright dang nasty evil.

The rest are just plain unlucky or stupid.

No matter what, though, humans need to have enough food and clothing and shelter.

My plan will take at least a year.

Planting some of the trees - fruits and spice - will prepare the poor folk for some businesses I might be able to unlock.

Cause aside from land, these people have nothing.

After one year, there is a possibility of generating RM500 per household in additional income. From sales of fruit and spice.

If I had my way, my village will be the new spice mines of Kessel!

And he who controls the spice, controls the future.