Monday, May 25, 2009

Twilight of the Superhero

Oh well. The PTPTN shit is more or less settled.

Results: I have to pay a lot more money, and BN is going to lose the next election.

Now, on to other things.

I have a meeting with the headman tonight. I'm going to lay out my plans to save the world, with or without politicians.

What I need for the project is proper information. And proper information gathering machine.

That machine would be the headman's car. And the headman, of course.

I will do this project, and after settling PTPTN and any debts I have left, in the next few years, I am probably going to Run with RPK!

Probably when I'm 40 or something. I will not allow my nephews or - God forbid - my kids be part of this country's education policies.

I need to make more money so they will have a better chance outside the cunt-ry.

And the people in this village and others still need food and clothing.

PTPTN's case against me could very well weigh heavily on my head for a few hours, but these people find it hard to even secure a comfortable living, much less to go to university and owe PTPTN an amount of money that will certainly write off Malaysia's deficit. As well as write off BN's chances amongst the young professional loan defaulters - Yupp Lords.

Somebody, somewhere, is always suffering more. So if you're having your period, fuck you. Think Somalia. They would gladly have your period.

Aw, man. I didn't get to do my Alan Shore bit. But I suspect this will not be my last day in court.

Fuck all this shit.

It's time for the Pimp Signal!