Saturday, May 16, 2009

House of M: Evolutions and Revolutions

When I first heard that Dr M was to give a speech at Bloggers Universe Malaysia, today, my first reaction was, "What the fuck for?"

I have often seen the Internet as a Wild West of sorts, and that no power in the universe could validate the existence of online communities and societies. Control is impossible.

However, not unlike traditional media, the online communities need to also evolve and transform themselves with the times.

Like Heidi Klum says, "One day you're in, the next you're out."

If you fail to be Madonna and reinvent yourself every few years, you will cease to be relevant.

And please, please look at Heroes. Yes. The TV series.

It was groundbreaking in its time. So much potential. In the end, with the conclusion of the latest season, squandered.

So much power. So much potential. Wasted.


Because theyw anted to focus on the drama, and keep forgetting that these people have powers.

What use is power, what use is any ability, if you do not use it? Preferrably for the greater good.

So, anyway. Reinvention. Constant change.

And if there is anyone in this world who can bring some semblance of order in the maelstorm of chaos that is the Internet, it would be people like Dr M.

His suggestions, however subtle, points to the increasing responsibilities of the people online.

Essentially, this goes back to the form of self-governance that we fought so badly for, after 400 years of colonisation. The difference is, during those times, we fought for independence - emaning to rule and do things OURSELVES - on a national scale.

Nowadays, in the aftermath of Generation X, we are looking at a revolution of self-governance on an INDIVIDUAL scale.

Everyone has a voice, more powerful than ever in human history. We don't have to tell politicians or other people to change things anymore. We can do it ourselves.

Fuck the politicians. Fuck the political parties. Fuck the newspapers. Fuck all-a-you motherfuckers.

There is 'Ordnung'. After 'Verwirrung'.

This is a phase of order mentioned in passing by the comic book V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore - the Elder God of Writing, he-who-shall-come-from-the-East-in-the-night-and-you-shall-not-know-him.

Ordnung is a time of true order. A time of voluntary order. Constantly evolving, constantly changing, but valid and structured at any instant in time.

Since there is no black or white - just shades of grey created by the many votes of individuals' black-and-white acting like pixels - set in stone, this is the time when people, using whatever means at their disposal, can affect change to their environment and the people around them.

So much power. So much potential.

I hope they don't become like Heroes.

If everything I hope for comes to fruition, we will be less a nation - a species of whiners - and more doers. You see something wrong? Do something about it. DOn't wait for lard-assed politicians to get their act together.

We all poke fun at the stupidity of politicians. In some or perhaps most cases, rightfully so. So yes, let us accept that they are stupid. So we, the INTELLIGENT ones, have to do something.

Do what?

Fuck should I know. I'm not you. I know what I must do. Do you?