Thursday, May 28, 2009

True Neutral: What Has to be Done

As a true neutral, I say we should all bust Mas Selamat out of ISA.

ISA is a draconian law that targets terrorists and alleged terrorists. This is NOT FAIR!

ISA is a cruel thing and we should all light candles and stand outside police stations. Why? Because the Royal Malaysian Police is afraid of candles. It's like garlic to a vampire.

And we should also voice out our frustrations at ISA. Why? Why, because our voice matters, that's why. We matter. Our votes matter. The Government has to do what we tell it to do.

Like 'fire all PTPTN staff' or 'set fire to the PTPTN building'. Oh, and 'abolish ISA!'.

As Malaysian citizens, we matter a lot to the Government. What we say is so fucking important. Our voices and grouses are being listened to. It might take, oh say, 999 years, but eventually, they will listen.

Free Mas Selamat Movement! Free MSM!